About Us

About Us

Over 25 years of industry experience in providing lighting solutions in Australia with efficiency and sustainability in mind we source luminaires to meet specification requirements. We offer a range of services assisting customers in selecting the best technology and value for money. Our vast knowledge in lighting control systems ensures the compatibility of lighting and allied products supplied to projects.

We specialise in DALI systems and are able to customise / program luminaires in-house using "SALT" (Self Adjusting Lighting Technology) to provide Constant Light Output for the design life of the application.
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Fast, Quality Service

Where passion for quality, customer service, and excellence comes as standard. We specialise in a wide variety of services. Our team is committed to providing the best possible commercially available lighting solution to meet your needs. our goal is to innovate through solid support and service ensuring we gain many more satisfied customers.

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Our Invitation to You

We treat every customer as a member of our family. It is against our values to sell you something you don’t need. We are not sales advocates and our team does not earn commissions on our products and services. We believe that high-quality products and services are important and strive to keep our prices fair and competitive.

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